Sunday, 3 April 2011

Thanet Local Labour Manifesto 2011

By Clive Hart / @CliveHart

For the past eight years Thanet has suffered badly from a Conservative-led district council. Deprivation, empty properties and poorly kept streets are sadly all too common in our main towns and villages; the neglect is clearly visible for all to see. Our main High Streets have too many boarded up shops and prime attractions such as Ramsgate Royal Harbour & Marina and Margate Harbour have been badly neglected.

The visible signs of neglect are bad enough, but what has gone on behind the scenes is probably much worse. In a desperate bid to raise money, the Conservatives have tried to sell many well-used and much-loved community assets.

Whilst the Conservative political leadership have been busy bungling decisions, leading council officers have been even busier reorganising TDC from the top down. This situation was more fully exposed during the February 2011 meeting of TDC when Labour councillors suggested a cap on leading officers pay whilst other members of staff were being made redundant. The Conservatives didn't just vote against the idea, their leader went a step further and publicly ordered his Conservative members not to discuss the issue.

Through our policies, Local Labour will take firm action and bring back pride in Thanet!

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  1. The Manifesto shows Thanet a different way that things can be done. For the last 8 years our District has been left to crumble under the local Tories. Thanet Labour will do things different. As this manifesto shows, we will protect Thanet's heritage while also working to bring more investment to the local area. On May 5th local people have a choice. 4 more years under the incompetent Tories, or a new alternative under Labour.