Sunday, 24 April 2011

Parkway Folly

By Richard Nicholson

Despite all the evidence being to the contrary the Tories through Kent County Council still insist a “Parkway Station” will be of economic benefit to Thanet. They claim this is needed to make Manston airport a success but the passenger figures do not lie. At best 80,000 passengers have used the airport in any one year, 90% plus come by car or taxi, so approximately 10,000 would come by train equal to 200 a week, less than 30 a day. So assume 15 getting on or off the train. And we are expected to believe this is a good use of public money?

The only way to justify this expenditure would be the closure of Ramsgate Station and even Broadstairs. However this will create several problems, an enormous parking need on green land and more traffic snarl ups especially at peak times.

What we are actually getting is a pie in the sky scheme once again promising huge economic gains, like all the other Tory schemes which are no more than hot air. This neatly distracts residents from the failures we have had to endure over the last eight years. This parkway is not justified nor needed, improve the road system and some minor modifications to Ramsgate station and  Manston airport can be well served.

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  1. Not forgetting that such a construction would have to pass through a fast link dual carriage way.