Thursday, 28 April 2011

Objectionable Conservative Behaviour

The Labour Group in Thanet says the objectionable online behaviour of Conservative candidate Payam Tamiz is not the first time the local Tories have been shown to lack scruples.
Mr Tamiz has stood down after making offensive comments on Facebook about young women in Thanet and killer Raoul Moat.
Tory Leader and Leader of TDC, Bob Bayford said he had spoken to Mr Tamiz after being told of the comments but that he had left it for him to decide how to respond.
We believe Bob Bayford made a serious error of judgement and that he should have insisted on Mr. Tamiz’ immediate resignation.
Local Labour group spokeswoman Iris Johnston says: "This follows a string of unfortunate incidents for the Tories.  Their former leader Sandy Ezekiel was reprimanded by the Standards Committee after threatening the then Mayor of Margate at a civic function; a Thanet Tory Councillor was forced to resign when it was discovered he was living in Panama and receiving his Councillor’s allowance (although the Tories argued for a year that he could do the job over the internet by email) and another Thanet Tory Councillor was imprisoned after being repeatedly caught drinking and driving.
This is a party with very questionable standards of behaviour and voters really need to be asking themselves on May 5 if these are the kind of people they want running their District.
The Tories are not only pulling the rug out from under local communities by slashing local services and making cuts that go too far and too fast, but they also do not seem to understand what is acceptable behaviour and what is not."
The people of Thanet, who are facing massive job losses through knee jerk cuts from Central Government, deserve a Council that fights for them. Labour must win on May 5th to bring back some decency and confidence to Thanet.
Thanet Labour Leader Clive Hart said "A key part in the 'Bringing Back the Pride' section of our Labour manifesto is to insist on Criminal Records Bureau Checks for all councillors”.

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