Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Who will pay for our crossing?

Dear Kent County Councillors,

Will you please use your dedicated funding to pay for our pelican crossing?

At the recent Joint Transportation Board meeting, a petition with 400 signatures from local residents of the Hereson Road, Ramsgate, was presented by Ward Councillors Alan Poole and Michelle Fenner requesting that the pedestrian crossing in the road be upgraded to a pelican crossing with traffic lights.

Using this crossing near the junction with Lillian Road has always been hazardous but it is now extremely precarious and dangerous. The opening of the new Tesco’s store has made the situation worse as customers park illegally on zigzag lines and on the crossing itself. The visibility for drivers and pedestrians is reduced. As a result there are numerous accounts of pedestrians nearly being run over whilst using the zebra crossing.

Cllr Fenner said: “We should not have to wait until a terrible accident happens for the crossing to be upgraded to a pelican crossing. The safety of pedestrians must be paramount.”

Cllr. Poole added: “We have asked the two Kent County Councillors, Bill Hayton and Bob Bayford, to use their Highway Allocation to fund the pelican crossing. According to the latest publication by the Thanet Joint Transportation Board they both have uncommitted KCC sums totaling £113.000 to be spent in their division, which should easily cover the cost of it. We are eagerly awaiting their response.”

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  1. Well a former 87 yr old Ramsgate lady did die in West Kent outside the sheltered accomodaton where she lived whilst KCC sat on their hand for over 2 and a half years waiting to put in a crossing. As part of building permission the developer gave KCC £30,000 to put in a pelican crossing. KCC then sat on the money citing that the local council had to decide with local residents where to site the crossing. It was more than 6 months after her death that the crossing was installed at the very spot she was killed, delayed further to connect it to the power supply.
    Good luck with this one and pencil in 2014 for the first person to press the button!