Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Transport of Live Animals from the Port of Ramsgate

By Cllr Michelle Fenner
Sadly, the transport of live animals has taken place on 2 occasions during the last few weeks from the Port of Ramsgate.
This situation has arisen as Dover currently does not have the capacity because of the refurbishment of 2 berths.
The company owners have not requested any facilities from Thanet Council to take care of the needs of farm animals if they are stationary in the port of Ramsgate, arguing that they would move them inland.
This type of uncaring treatment has led to the Lisbon Treaty, article 13 (2009) which re-classifies live animals as ‘sentient beings’ rather than ‘goods’.
The current argument against a ban is that it would allow a quantitative restriction on imports and exports. This argument is based on legislation from 1847 which assumes live farm animals to be ‘goods’.
Today the Labour Group gave written notice of a motion to full council that Thanet Council seeks legal opinion on the legality of a ban on the transport of live animals from the Port of Ramsgate.

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