Friday, 1 July 2011

East Kent opportunities and the EuroKent site

In recent years we in the Labour Group at TDC have had reason to voice concern over who exactly is deciding the direction of the district council. Our feelings, clearly outlined in our 2011 manifesto, are that all too often officers appear to be deciding the direction of TDC rather than councillors who have been democratically elected by local residents.
The East Kent Opportunities, Eurokent proposals are yet another point in question. Land clearly designated for employment use by councillors through robust council procedures is simultaneously being promoted by EKO (a joint TDC and KCC venture) to include a substantial housing development.
We simply cannot understand how council officers were ever directed to make proposals which go so blatantly against TDC's own established policies. At last weeks public 'consultations' EKO officers promoted plans that go totally against TDC Planning Policy and did so whilst at the same time clearly stating that EKO was 'answerable to councillors'.
None of our 26 member strong Labour Group of councillors have endorsed the EKO proposals and I cannot imagine that any of the 3 members of the Independent Group have been involved either. At best, some of the 27 members of the Conservative administration may have had some kind of involvement and in any event they are now clearly a minority of members at TDC.
In short, in a time of austerity and cut-backs, officers have been allowed to carry out a substantial and extremely costly amount of work on a project that may well not meet the requirements of the full council. Possibly worse still, employment opportunities for the site may well have been missed whilst officers have been clearly misdirected in their efforts.
Note: The Eurokent site is land between Westwood Cross & the Newington estate on either side of the new main road.

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  1. Ah yes, its not only in Thanet. But Tories have ALWAYS been good at dodging their responsibilities.