Thursday, 26 July 2012

Labour Cabinet protects public open green space in Broadstairs

The issue of the Broadstairs and St Peters Town Council proposal for a Community Centre was considered at Cabinet on 5th January but due to concerns about the impact of the proposal on Pierremont Park it was not agreed.

Further discussions have taken place with the Community Trust and Broadstairs & St Peters Town Council on amendments to the proposal and an indicative layout has been drafted. The aim of the draft has been to reduce the impact on the park.

The revised scheme would need to be submitted for listed building and planning approvals by the Trust. However, the revision could now be supported by the Cabinet provided that the final design fits the parameters within the Cabinet report. The proposal would also be subject to an advertisement in relation to its impact on a public open space.

In addition, if the proposals do proceed, Cabinet is agreeing formally to the Section 106 funding from the Ellington and Hereson School site to be provided to the Trust to support the proposal in association with other funding streams.

Cabinet Member Cllr Alan Poole said "I believe much of the responsibility for the current impasse must lay fairly and squarely with Cllrs Bayford and Wells because their continued indecision is the root cause of the current situation. They did not complete the project when they had the opportunity; they were in control of the Council for the last eight years and did very little to progress the project.

We are offering one last chance for the town council to come up with a viable solution that does not adversely impact on the Park. It took the leader and I ten minutes and a pair of scissors to come up with a solution. There will not be another opportunity as we will have to look for another deserving community project for the 106 money."

Monday, 16 July 2012


An amended scheme for a Broadstairs Town Council Community Centre in Pierremont Park should come back before the TDC cabinet on July 26th . After much behind the scenes work to protect open green space in the park carried out by TDC Leader, Clive Hart, Deputy Leader, Alan Poole, and Broadstairs councillor, Jenny Matterface, an amended scheme will now be considered at TDC Cabinet on July 26th.

Cllr. Matterface said, ‘The revised scheme has saved the park from an intrusive building since it follows more closely the footprint of the existing Park Hall rather than the original scheme submitted to Cabinet in January. The demolition of the old Age Concern building to create a formal garden will enhance the park. I do, however, still have real concerns over the financial burden this project will impose on the council taxpayers of Broadstairs and St. Peter’s at a time when many residents struggle to pay bills.’

Cllr Alan Poole said “The final decision to build a community centre in Pierremont Park is a matter for Broadstairs Town Council and the TDC Planning Committee but I am pleased that the new scheme does at least protect much-loved public open green space” Cllr Clive Hart said “I am very grateful to Cllr Poole and Cllr Matterface for all their help in protecting our environment. Thanet’s parks are wonderful green spaces that bring tranquil beauty into busy urban areas and our administration will fight to preserve them whenever and wherever they are threatened ”.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Historic Labour win in Westgate-On-Sea

After weeks of hard campaigning Thanet Labour have won an historic victory in Westgate-On-Sea. Thanet Labour have not won a seat west of Margate Central since 1999, and this victory came about after a 8.2% swing from the Conservatives to Labour since 2011.

We are now delighted to welcome Councillor Jodie Hibbert as the newest member of the Labour group, and also the youngest ever female Councillor in Thanet. Jodie has worked extremely hard throughout the by-election and will be a welcome addition to our team. This result sends a message to David Cameron and his Government that they are taking the country in the wrong direction. Victory in historically Conservative Westgate-On-Sea shows that the Labour party is appealing to people beyond the core areas, and we will continue to work hard for ALL people. Thanet Labour will continue to fight on behalf of the residents of Thanet and do everything we can to soften the blow of the Coalition's ill prepared plans.

Thank you to everyone who has helped support Jodie's campaign in Westgate-On-Sea, and thank you to everyone who voted.