Thursday, 31 March 2011

Tory-led cuts hit Thanet hard

As the Labour Party launches its 2011 South East election campaign today with a pledge to be people’s voice in tough times, new research shows the Tory-led Government’s cuts to local authorities will hit the average two-adult household with children by £182 in 2011/12.

The research also reveals that in Thanet, the Tory-led Government’s average cut per person will be £38.94.  (Tunbridge Wells - £21.60. Sevenoaks - £19.88. Maidstone - £19.70. Tonbridge & Malling - £19.40).

As the cuts made in Downing Street begin to bite in streets and communities across the South East, Labour councillors will today pledge to speak up for their local areas against the Tory-led Government’s unfair policies.

Clive Hart, Thanet Labour Leader said "The Tory-led Government constantly say 'we're all in this together' but the figures clearly show that the cuts cost our residents here in Thanet much more than other people in relatively wealthier areas, in some cases twice as much. Thanet Local Labour will campaign tirelessly to be the people of Thanet's voice in tough times".

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said “Labour launches our election campaign with a clear pledge to people across the country: we will be your voice in tough times. Cuts designed by David Cameron and Nick Clegg are coming direct from Downing Street to your street. Families in every part of the country will be hit by these unfair cuts.  Areas with the greatest need are being asked to bear the greatest burden. The worst off areas are being hit the hardest while the average family will be hit much harder than people in David Cameron’s constituency. Labour will be your community’s first line of defence against the damage being done by a Conservative-led Government and their Liberal Democrat allies".

  • Tory-led Government cuts to funding to local authorities mean that in 2011/12 the Revenue Spending Power (RSP) of local authorities will fall by £2,480,900,000.

  • The population in England is 51,809,000.

  • The average cut per person in Thanet this year is £38.94.

  • The cut for the average family with two adults and children is £182.

  • Meanwhile, analysis of local authority council tax charges for 2011/12 shows that Labour councils charge council taxpayers on average £207 less than Tory councils and £40 less than Lib Dem councils.