Sunday, 18 August 2013

Broadstairs Folk Week 2013

By Broadstairs Town & Thanet District Councillor - Jenny Matterface
'After a couple of years with issues surrounding the week caused by those not attending events who felt it was an opportunity to cause mayhem it was agreed something had to be done. A multi-agency group was set up involving Thanet District Council's Community Safety Partnership team, Kent Police and cabinet member, Cllr. Iris Johnston with input from town and district councillors to assist the event organisers.
Regular meetings were held and a scheme drawn up to be implemented by TDC officers, with support from other agencies.
The result has been a successful week with a visible much greater police presence, early morning street cleaning, enforcement of the no drinking in public places rule. The SOS van at the bandstand was a great source of help including reuniting lost children with their parents.
The parade of artists taking part was brought forward so that families could enjoy the spectacle. This was a very welcome change.
The difference seems to have been, apart from a greater presence of police, local during the day and from elsewhere in the evenings, a more proactive approach to issues as they arose. One example of that being at the bandstand where, following some anti-social behaviour on the Friday late in the evening once the music al event had finished, fencing was erected on Saturday night and the area closed off.

Portaloos were installed in areas and more, as needed, brought in.

A police officer told me that ‘this year is the benchmark by which the event will be judged and we will look forward not back to what happened in the past’.

Thanks to all those who helped. The week brings a welcome more than £2million to the local economy. The pubs were busy, the restaurants full and the problems that occurred in previous years in Albion Street largely avoided by the road being kept open for most evenings'.

Cllr Jenny Matterface

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