Thursday, 18 July 2013


TDC will share part of a Regional Growth Fund grant from the Government to help support small and medium sized creative businesses in the district.
The successful joint application, for the aptly named SUCCESS Programme, came from Thanet, Hastings and Tendring councils and aims to speed things along and encourage growth in the creative and cultural industries in the South East coastal area.
The SUCCESS programme will provide financial support for small and medium creative businesses across Thanet. It will be targeted at creative businesses looking to locate or expand in Thanet, aiming to encourage the growth of this sector and enabling jobs to be created.
The detail of the funding programme, including the criteria for businesses looking to apply is now to be discussed with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Once agreed, the council will publicise the details widely to ensure as many businesses as possible have a chance to bid for a share of the funding.
This really is fantastic news for Thanet. The application will have gone through a very competitive process, so to be awarded this funding is really positive for creative businesses in the area.
The council’s Corporate Plan clearly sets our ambition to create new jobs in the district and our emerging Economic Growth and Regeneration Strategy highlights culture as a key part of this.
Securing this funding also continues to build on our desire to grow the local economy and support the creative sector.
TDC will publicise the details of how to apply widely once agreed and I look forward to seeing businesses in Thanet successfully accessing this funding.

Cllr Clive Hart - TDC Leader

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