Friday, 14 June 2013

Will Scobie cracks down on Potholes in Thanet

COUNTY councillor Will Scobie is calling on commuters to join his crackdown on the isle’s holey roads. Over the last few weeks the newly elected Labour member for Margate and Cliftonville has been busy working to improve the state of Thanet’s roads by reporting every pothole and is urging people to join his crusade against crumbling carriageways.


After two long winters, some roads are in a poor state with potholes putting pedestrians, cyclists and motorists at risk. He says Kent County Council (KCC) relies on the public to report problems on highways and all issues will be adding to their running repair schedule.

Mr Scobie said: “I have reported more than 20 potholes in Margate and Cliftonville but there are lots more. I will be continuing this work over the next few weeks but I need residents to help me. “If there is a pothole in your street the please report it to myself or KCC.

“Potholes can be dangerous not only to vehicles, but also to pedestrians. Someone could really hurt themselves tripping on one of the larger ones, especially late at night. I will follow up every reported pothole in Margate and Cliftonville to make sure that it is sorted out.”

To report a pothole, call 08458 247800 or log it online at

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