Thursday, 13 December 2012

Response to Minister on Live Animal Exports

Cabinet Member at Thanet District Council, Cllr Michelle Fenner, said: "The Minister is echoing what we said right from the start that the welfare of animals in transit is paramount and that there must be zero tolerance of any abuse. This was the reason why we took the decision in September to impose a temporary ban. We therefore welcome this announcement from the Minister and we look forward to strict implementation of the tougher welfare controls. We sincerely hope that the new controls will mean that a repeat of the tragic events which occurred on 12 September is out of the question. 
"We will continue to support reducing the maximum time limit for animal transports in line with the eight hours, as this is line with our current council policy.  We also call on the UK Parliament and Central Government to take the necessary steps to make it happen so that Local Authorities like Thanet District Council are not left fighting court cases on their own about a situation that is not their doing. "

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