Saturday, 29 September 2012

Staff pay and grading review at TDC

From Cllr Clive Hart - TDC Leader

As the TDC Leader I need to know that the council is delivering the best value for residents that it can and a pay structure review is a part of council business which is undertaken by many authorities and is correctly undertaken by the Chief Executive of the council, as part of her delegated authority.

I am confident that the Chief Executive will carry out this review in a professional manner, but this is just the beginning of a 90 day consultation and it is not at all helpful for anyone outside of these negotiations to second guess just how the final scheme will appear.

In any event I am assured that the structure being consulted on does not propose any increase to the pay of the most senior staff within TDC, that it seeks to impact as few staff as possible and that everything possible will be done to protect those who are impacted.

We are obviously keeping a very close watching eye on negotiations but we are in the early stages of the consultation process which is quite rightly between the Chief Executive, the Unions and the staff.

Our Labour administration has an excellent relationship with our staff and we support them in any way we can to ensure that services are delivered in a way which reflects our vision and priorities.

Published by Thanet Labour Group Press Office, 44 Northdown Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 2RW.

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  1. But the senior staff are also assured they will not get a pay cut, unlike the staff on lower grades.