Saturday, 10 December 2011

Labour administration takes charge in Thanet

At Thursday nights Council meeting Councillor Clive Hart was elected leader of Thanet District Council, and Councillor Alan Poole was appointed Deputy Leader. The Council meeting itself was nail biting, and there was a healthy debate over the future of the Council. Former leader Councillor Bob Bayford was the first to congratulate Councillor Hart, and hopefully this will set the tone for future exchanges between all members of the Council during these difficult times. At the meeting Councillor Hart also appointed the rest of his Cabinet who are Councillor’s Rick Everitt, Michelle Fenner, and Iris Johnston.
Councillor Hart said: "I will work to make Thanet Council a more listening council that carries out genuine consultation when necessary. I want the council to be as transparent as possible when making decisions and I will do everything possible to minimise the effects of government cuts to funding here in Thanet".
Clive Hart and Alan Poole, Leader and Deputy Leader of Thanet District Council

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