Thursday, 6 October 2011

Time to end Ramsgate live animal exports

“Ban live exports” was the strong message from South East Euro MP Peter Skinner and local campaigners after a meeting with national animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming. 
After years of falling live exports numbers are on the rise again. Last year the number of animals exported from Great Britain had dropped to 4000 sheep and no calves.  But this year over 10,000 sheep, calves, pigs and goats calves had been exported already. 
In response a campaign has been launched to fight the exports. Peter Skinner MEP recently hosted a meeting with James West of Compassion in World Farming and Reg Bell, a Kent based animal welfare campaigner, to discuss the next steps in getting this cruel trade banned. 
Mr Skinner wants to see European action to ban live exports and a total maximum journey time of 8 hours for animals travelling for slaughter or fattening. 
Local Campaigner Reg Bell was particularly keen to raise the issue of the poor standard and unsuitability of the vessels used to transport animals. 

James West, Peter Skinner and Reg Bell

Peter Skinner MEP: 
“I condemn those involved in this barbaric business. Long distance transport causes unnecessary suffering: exhaustion, dehydration, stress and even death. It's unnecessary and the people of Ramsgate don’t want it. 
“We should trade in meat, not live animals. I want a full ban on live exports from Ramsgate and a maximum journey time of eight hours for animals in the UK. I will continue to work with determined local campaigners like Reg and Compassion in World Farming to make this a reality.” 
James West, CiWF (Compassion in World Farming): 
“This was a very constructive meeting with Peter Skinner MEP. He has a very good understanding of the issues surrounding live exports and is clearly dedicated to protecting the welfare of animals during transport. This is a cruel trade that causes unnecessary suffering and we’re delighted Peter is committed to ending it. We hope to be able to work with him on these issues in the future.” 
Reg Bell (Broadstairs) local shop owner and campaigner: 
“I am really pleased with how the meeting went, Peter was very keen to listen and take in what we were saying.  He understands the issues with the vessel and delighted that he has promised to assist our campaign to ensure animals transported are protected from the weather.” 

Michelle Fenner, Labour Councillor on Thanet District Council:
"Following my motion unanimously agreed at Full Council in July 2011, I will be asking TDC to lobby the local MPs to press the UK Government and the European Union to implement a maximum journey of 8 hours for the transport of live farm animals to slaughter or for fattening. The British Government should take specific steps itself to stop the cruel practices of this trade."

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  1. I would like to know what efforts have been made by TDC to lobby our local MPs in an effort to rid this vile trade from Ramsgate.Laura Sandys was too busy to get involved and the voice of Roger Gale,surprisingly,is non existent.