Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ed Miliband praises Thanet result

Ed Miliband has spoken positively in The Independent about Labour's promising local election results in Thanet last week. “We made big gains in Thanet and Thurrock,” he said. “We made progress, it's a staging post.”

Elsewhere, on the Progress website, Luke Akehurst referred to Thanet as a 'bright spot' in Labour's electoral fortunes by acknowledging that “good hauls of seats” were won.

Though no party won an outright majority, it is fair to say that Thanet Labour made impressively strong gains, so it's very reassuring to see Ed Miliband and Luke Akehurst recognize the good work that went into achieving this.

Thank you, once again, to everyone who voted Labour last week. In doing so, you've helped send a strong message of discontent to the local Conservative group about the way they've been running our council. It's now time for them to listen to what the people of Thanet want!

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  1. Robert Williams12 May 2011 at 19:59

    I guess there is a message there somewhere, but what is it the people of Thanet want. They did not totally reject the Conservatives anymore than they turned to Labour, leastways not insofar as giving Labour a mandate.

    I guess the only absolute certainty was that they did not want the Lib/Dems. Perhaps Thanet could have a Con/Lab coalition or is that totally unthinkable?