Thursday, 2 December 2010

Has David Miliband committed treason?

by Dr R. L. Symonds

Reading today's news, helpfully provided by Wikileaks, it is fortunate that we did elect the right Milliband as our leader. David Milliband is revealed as conspiring with the Americans to conceal the presence of cluster bombs on British territory. To my mind this is a very serious offence indeed, and amounts to treason.

A future Labour government might consider revising the Treason Felony Act 1848, which is still in force today. Any member of Government, Parliament, or the Royal family who conspires with any foreign power in a matter without the knowledge of Parliament and against Parliament's expressed will on that matter, should be guilty of a serious offence, punishable by imprisonment and expulsion from public office.

This could extend to agencies acting on behalf of the government, for example, any envoy, a Royal representing the government or the Governor of the Bank of England (although the actions of the latter recently would fall short of this proposed offence.)

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